What is a Community Service District (CSD)?

A Community Services District (CSD) is a governing body that can be formed by residents of an unincorporated area to ensure that basic service needs are met.  Some Community Services Districts provide water, sewer, police and fire services, garbage collection, recreation, landscaping, street lighting, mosquito abatement, graffiti abatement, library services and more. All services not handled by the CSD are managed by the County.  For more information, visit What is a CSD?

What services does the Town of Discovery Bay CSD provide to the community?

In the Town of Discovery Bay, our CSD oversees water, sewer, landscaping and recreation. In addition, the CSD Board can advise the County on other services and issues impacting the community.  For more information, visit What is a CSD?

Who are the current CSD Directors?

The Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD) Directors are: 
  • Board President:  Chris Steele
  • Vice-President: Bill Pease
  • Director:  Kevin Graves
  • Director:  Robert Leete
  • Director: Mark Simon

Will Discovery Bay ever become a city?

Many residents of Discovery Bay wonder if the CSD will one day become a city.  At the present time, it is unknown whether or not our community has the funds needed to be self-sufficient / not dependent on the County.  This is something that would need to be studied.

For those who are interested in learning more, visit Becoming a City.

What is the status of the water meter program in Discovery Bay?

Until recently, all Discovery Bay residential property owners paid for their water and sewer usage on their property tax bill based on a flat rate according to their parcel size.  Currently, the Town of Discovery Bay CSD is in the process of implementing residential water meters as part of a statewide water conservation mandate that requires all residential properties to have operational water meters by 2024.  The District has already rolled the program out in Discovery Bay West, so homeowners in that portion of Discovery Bay receive a monthly water bill and no longer have the cost added to their property tax bill.  To meet the government mandate, approximately 1800 homes in Discovery Bay need to be online by 2010; the remaining 4,200 homes must be on meters by 2024.

Most of the CSD’s commercial establishments already have water meters installed so that business owners pay for actual usage.

How do I pay my water bill?

Online bill pay is available under the "Pay Water Bill" section of our Website.

 My organization has an event coming up. How can I get it posted to the community calendar?

If you or your organization is aware of an event that would be appropriate for inclusion in our community calendar, please contact us.

I have heard that there are builders who are proposing residential development here. How can I find out more or share my input?

Members of the community are often interested in finding out about plans for future growth and development. The Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD) does not have land use or zoning authority; however the CSD can and does advise the County on decisions related to residential and commercial development, in particular as it relates to the Town's capacity to provide water and sewer service that would accommodate a growing population.

The CSD Board encourages the community to attend CSD meetings and share their input as well as hear input from others in attendance.

How can I get more involved in our community?

District Board Meetings are held @ 7:00 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at the town office which is located at 1800 Willow Lake Road.  Residents are encouraged to attend these meetings - to get involved and stay informed about the issues and opportunities facing the Town of Discovery Bay CSD.

How do I ask for assistance with a problem I am having with my water or sewer service?

To contact District Staff to inform them of a problem with water your water or sewer services, please complete and submit a Service Request.

I have seen broken sprinkler heads around Discovery Bay and wonder if the District Staff is aware. How can I let someone know?

To contact District Staff to inform them of a problem impacting landscaping of common areas managed by the Town of Discovery Bay CSD, please complete and submit a Service Request.

I am having difficulty using this website. How do I find the information I am looking for?  What are the system requirements to operate the website successfully? 

The Town of Discovery Bay CSD website has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling you to easily locate the information you need.  The large majority of users will find their system is compatible with the site design; however, to view rich media files you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed, and to view PDF files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Both of these applications are available for free download.  For more information or to report a technical problem, visit Help.

I have heard that the Town of Discovery Bay CSD has established a Community Alert System.  What is that and how can I receive the alerts?

The Community Alert System is one of the functions of this website. The System is managed by District Staff, and is activated during an urgent situation such as a sewer spill, natural disaster or other critical event impacting the community.  When an alert is activated, it will be shown as a pop-up window/dialog box on the homepage of this website.  Visitors to the site will be able to read the alert, and can follow any important instructions provided within the text of the alert.  In addition, District Staff will "push the alert" out to a recipient list compiled from residents who have chosen to "opt-in" to receive email updates from the District.  This will enable residents to be informed of the alert the moment it displays on the website.  To receive Community Alerts via email, please opt-in now.

How do I contact the Town of Discovery Bay CSD or District Staff?

To contact the Town of Discovery Bay CSD or District Staff, visit Contact Us.