District Services


District Services

The Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD) provides and manages water, sewer, landscaping and recreation services for the community. In addition, while the CSD Board has no land use or zoning authority, the CSD does advise the County on decisions related to police and fire services, residential and commercial development and more.


Management Services

The Management Services Division of the Town consists of the General Manager’s Office and includes the functions of the Board Clerk and Board Member support.


Financial Services

The Town’s Financial Services Division is responsible for the management and oversight of the revenues, expenditures and budgeting of the town’s $17.0 million Operating and Capital Improvement Program budgets.

Finance is also responsible for all water billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll functions at the Town.

For more information, please contact the Town office at (925) 634-1131.

One of the many Community Center events is the annual Rocktoberfest Concert that takes place each October.

Recreation Services

The Town of Discovery Bay offers a wide array of recreational activities and programs throughout the year.  Three times annually (Winter/Spring, Summer, Fall), the Town mails to every house in Discovery Bay a Recreation Guide consisting of classes, programs and upcoming events.  Look for the next guide, or stop on by the Community Center to get a copy!  It is also online, just click on the link, below!

Cornell Park Playground Replacement Project, June 2012.

Park Reservation Forms & Landscape Maintenance Services

In 2003 the Discovery Bay Community Services District took on the responsibility of maintaining the “Common” landscape areas/parks within a portion of the community that is known as the “Discovery Bay Proper Area-Service Area M-8,” which is now called Discovery Bay Lighting & Landscaping Zone #8. The landscape zone #8 encompasses Cornell Park, Roberta Fuss Tot Lot, all common landscape streetscapes, levees, and islands on the east side of Discovery Bay.


Water Services

The Town provides water to the community through a series of 6 wells that draw from an aquifer approximately 300′ below the surface.

Water from those wells is then sent through a treatment, filtration and storage process ensuring that the water is safe to drink and available on demand.

Every year the Town distributes an annual water quality report to the community.  You can view this year’s report by clicking on the link, below.


Wastewater Services

The Town of Discovery Bay operates two wastewater treatment plants.  Both plants are located on the eastern border of town.

The two plants provide state of the art wastewater treatment facilities in compliance with permits issued to the Town by the state of California for the treatment and discharge of wastewater. 

Both plants have recently undergone a major capital investment program to ensure that the processes will continue to serve the community for years to come.